Salma Moosa

Salma Moosa is someone you go to, if you want to solve your challenges and find a better version of you. She is a solution getter professionally & personally. She has been a growth seeker through her journey. As quoted by her “making the universe our university for knowledge” 

Salma is an execution expert, a change maker & an avid networker. Engaging with people is an innate talent which she possesses and enjoys. People feel her energy, passion that she brings into anything she commits herself too.

Salma has been engaged in business, collaborative growth through connections, for over 3 decades and over this time she has had the opportunity to travel far and wide and see and learn from different people from across the globe. She started with helping individuals start their own businesses, worked with SMEs & even with large entities with her core expertise on hacking the growth for the businesses she has been associated with. Through this journey, she built some strong associations & connections that go beyond borders and industries. 

Salma is the founder of Startups Squares and has built a safe space for business leaders and entrepreneurs looking for growth. She has been working very closely with established businesses and startups and has mentored over 1000 startups in this period of time. She has spent over 10000 hours of mentoring startups. She is an incredible motivator and has helped several startups break their problems down and find a viable solution. Her core expertise is in the area of sales, business development and team building. She mentors almost 100 plus founders in an inclusive manner, ensuring that they are able to bring outcomes 

She speaks often at various events, seminars and conferences. She is also a regular at institutions where she talks on inspirational topics including entrepreneurship, growth, overcoming challenges and making a difference. She has been interviewed on BBC World News and has been featured on publications such as the Deccan Herald and Telegraph. She writes as well from time to time and publishes her blogs on the internet.

Salma is engaged closely with the UHNIs and HNIs community from across the world for the past 3 decades of her career and today is driven to bring the culture of high-value deals through these strong connections. 

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