I am Salma Moosa.

I was born exactly a year after Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. Being a Cancerian, I am ruled by the Moon. But I am not anything like the Moon.

I am Fire! I rise from the ashes, powerfully.

I am a change maker. That is what I do for a living. I make change happen. By taking sales from zero to one and then from one to two. I don’t force people to think outside the box, I make them abandon the box.

I love being around people and people love being around me. Perhaps this is the single biggest fact that gives me such great insight about people and helps me understand them well. Taking this very strength and passion, I bring to you my Channel “Salma Moosa Talks” where you will get to hear entrepreneurs speak about their journey, individuals talking about challenges in the most candid way. I will also be sharing my learnings gathered in these 3 decades through my MasterClasses, Workshops, Vlogs and short video chats. I invite you to join me to become a voice loud enough to make an impact.  

I love sales, making deal flows is what I thrive on, negotiating a win-win deal is something I do with ease and in these past years, there has been very few times, when I have walked into a discussion and not walked out with a sealed deal, I hack growth with my machete.

You can always catch up with me when I organise #CoffeeWithSalma in your city, the next time I am there.