Although she does not write often, she writes well. Salma has the ability to bring her thoughts to light in a beautiful way.

Her first book, ‘A Thought to a Million Dollars‘, chronicles the formative years of Startups Club.

“Both Vivek and I started writing it to give entrepreneurs a deeper look into the up’s and down’s in entrepreneurship.”

Although it describes a short journey of 3 years, it describes the time in vivid detail and she hopes that this helps many early entrepreneurs understand the challenges that lie ahead of them.

This book is actually two versions in one with each founder recounting how they saw things unfold from their perspective and from where they saw things.

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This is her first publication and it is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Kobo both in e-book as well as the physical format. Buy now and take a dive into the world of a startup and experience its evolution, the trial, tribulations, success and disappointments.