Her Story

Salma is a Growth Hacker, Startup Mentor, Founder, Deal Maker & an expert in the area of sales, marketing, execution, team building and strategic business development. She has under various labels worked with thousands of business / startup leaders, investors and is well connected and known in the global business ecosystem as the go-getter.

Salma’s own story is quite inspiring. She has been an entrepreneur her entire life and has dabbled in many businesses in the past 3 decades. Businesses that failed and some that have seen growth. She brings this experience to bear to help leaders from across the world . She has also written a book about this journey and made her debut as an author.

She has been able to work through some of the most challenging times in her personal level as well. Being an obese person all her life, she started working on her overall self with the start of the pandemic in 2020 and today, she is fitness freak, support many in their journey to become fit and is also authoring her second book “Fat 2 Fit”.

In her 3 decades of business experience, she has worked with SMEs, MSMEs, MNCs and now is focussed with early stage & in-market stage startups. She comes in as your strategic mentor and takes the initiative forward. She has enabled large deals for businesses & HNIs and through the way built strong associations.

Startup Squares was created to bring execution support with a focus on outcomes. Startup Squares works with founders & business leaders in an inclusive manner. Startup Squares is one of the very few platforms that gets involved as an extended team with its incubated / accelerated startups ensuring a strategic involvement that brings about business growth through sales, market acquisition and investment deal flows & focussed on outcomes and execution support.

Her life experiences makes her better at what she does with her clients and most important is with herself. She does not shy away from sharing her failures and learning from them. She is a strong headed, health conscious & independent woman.