Have you ever walked into a tiny size elevator and felt a little comfortable just because it had mirror on one of the sides? Why do you think that happened? You are still stuck inside a box that can fit only two of you and yet, you feel better with a mirror.

Our mind is our biggest enemy and our strongest friend in difficult situations. We have seen people do super human acts at times and wondered how the fuck did they end up getting that kind of strength or the drive to do it. It is all in our minds. It is about making up your mind to do it, come what may and shit gets done.

The same way, when you are in a small space with your image to look, you mind does not fear anymore as you are not alone, along with you is your reflection right there. But then the same thing applies when we build our own glass walls around us, hoping to keep us safe and in our comfort place. Unknowingly or knowingly you become a prisoner to your own thoughts within those glass walls.

Today, my Savage way of Life is the fact that I plan to crash through the glass walls that I have built around me when it comes to my weight. Since the last few months, I have noticed that it reaches to a point and remains there for days, even after my disciplined workouts, strict diet. I started believing that maybe that is my lowest best, maybe that my age does not allow me to push through and I get comfortable with those thoughts.

Not any more. To hell with all my thoughts. I intend to break through this today. I intend to hit the gym twice and make my diet totally free of all carbs and ensure that come Feb 1st, tomorrow morning, my weighing scale reads a number that is below what it has been stuck on.

Will it be hard, oh bloody hell it will be. But when I decided to achieve my ideal weight from a point when I was very obese, I took it up not because it was easy, but because it was what I wanted. So Savage Life it is bitches.

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