You will hear 100 different suggestions and advices when it comes to your fitness, health and wellbeing. The industry in itself is growing fast and wide but what we are loosing in the process is the basics of it all.

I have done everything that the books stated, taken up help from all kinds of experts / coaches, tried out every drink in the market & believed any advice given to me and tried it out too. Did it help me? maybe some did, to some extent but nothing was a permanent solution.

Today, I have my first day of periods and the flow is bad, the cramps feel like someone is twisting the shit out of my insides & the pain, I get it now when I heard a doctor speak at an event and compare a periods pain to a heart attack pain. She had said, “for women, those 5 days is like someone getting a stroke and the pain just does not stop for 5 days” That is exactly how it is and yet, I chose my Savage Lifestyle. I did my routine walk of 15kms & stretches even though I had to rush back to change my sanitary pads right away. But fuck the odds, we gotta to do what we gotta do.

This is what is Savage Life, a life that you decide for yourself and you do not let it go, come what may. A life that will make you stronger, greater and push you forward to achieve your dreams.

One of my life long dreams was to become healthy, fit and to be at my ideal weight. After these past 3 decades of nonsense, today I know what a “Permanent Solution” to my fitness is. It is my mindset. It is my decision to not let go of what I have to do. People would say 100 things but it is not the people who have lived in your body all these years, it is you that has and it is only you who will know what works for you and what does not. So, if you are looking for a permanent solution to any of your challenges, “Make up your fucking mind to overcome it yourself and get at it”

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