Savage Life is a concept which is inspired by David Goggins, an ex-navy seal plus an author of Can’t Hurt Me & Never Finished. Reading his journey from a challenged life and turning it into a life that would inspire so many of us has been one hell of an experience for me. I could relate with many things between his life and mine. Both were born with heart ailments, both had a difficult childhood, both suffered with overload of emotions and high dependency on people and their opinions on us, both decided to take their lives in their own hands, both achieved the impossible and both of us lost it midway.

He speaks about being savage when it comes to moving ahead to achieve our true purpose of life. Identifying and accepting our authentic self and not hesitating to be open about it. That is when “Savage Life” daily short blogs idea came to me and here I am.

Today, I will be speaking to you about how important it is for us to not let praises get into our heads and not let it take us away from our focus. It has happened to me multiple times, but let me be in the moment. It is not what I have done in the past that matters, it is what I will do now that does. Right now, today, I saw my weight to be the highest in the last 18 months. I was 100 plus kilos when I started my weight loss / fitness journey all by myself in December of 2020. In 2021, I had lost 30 kilos and I was flooded with praises and with no idea that I had slipped, here I am, 2022 and start of 2023, up by 15 kilos.

To hell with what was, to hell with what I had once achieved and bloody hell to the praises that come at me. I go SAVAGE starting today. I ignore to the point of distancing away from those who will praise me for my fitness journey. My priority starting now is to make sure I spend 5 hours in the Gym & Running Tracks, be absolutely strict to the last gram of calorie intake when it comes to diet. Starting today, I do not fear saying a NO to anyone who encourage me to mess up my diet or my routine. I will be doing 15 kms run daily, I will do an OMD diet with intermittent fasting of 20-4 hours, I will sleep for 7 hours & if anyone does not respect this about me, I choose to walk away for good from them.

Anyone who has opinions about my workouts, diet or lifestyle can shove it up theirs coz I don’t give a shit about it. The things I do has worked for me and I plan to get this moving starting today.

#SavageLife01 for all of you.

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