Being a ‘Full Person’ is not as easy as it sounds

This is not a Feminist Post. This is about being a human – being a “Full Person”.

Sitting in front of my boarding gate, heading towards one of my most important day of my life, a day that would change the way my years ahead could turn out to be, personally, professionally, I needed to write this blog. This blog will remind me of the thoughts that are passing through my mind, body, heart and soul. I want to remember this for the rest of my life and as I do this, lock it in here, I also want to share this with all of you out there, who somewhere have been connected with me, with my journey, with my failures, my successes.

So, what is a “Full Person”?

Someone who can love and hate at the same time; someone who can be super strong and be the most weakest too; someone who would give with closed eyes and ask as bluntly; someone who can trust someone with their lives and at the same time doubt the worse. Yeah, that is who a Full Person is and if we see closely, those who have lead a successful, impactful, influential and a meaningful life have been able to show out both these sides of them.

Be a full person not just deep within, but for the people around and the world and more so to your loved ones.

But there is a negative side to being a full person, it is natural for them to most likely end up alone in life. With no companion brave enough to understand and accept them in full. We as humans are tuned to accept, tuned to expect, tuned to want limited, tuned to give limited, tuned to be limited.

When we come face to face with someone who is so full of everything, the good and bad, it is very obvious that we don’t understand them. When there is no clarity to things – we run. We want it out of our lives and systems and so that leaves us, the full people, moving ahead with their journey. ALONE.

Walking Away

It is neither our faults nor of those who walk away, it is the way human kind is. It is the writing on the wall. But, those who end up with people like us, they are called the “Brave Hearts”. For them, life is abundance, they get LOVE in FULL, LIFE in FULL, SUCCESS in FULL, LAUGHTER in FULL, along with the tears, pain, hurt. They just have to learn to walk through that episodes and they find it all.

Wife of Facebook Founder, Wife of Microsoft Founder, Wife of Amazon Founder (just a co-incidence that I am using the wives as example, there are many husbands too but at this point cannot think of the names) are some of the world’s greatest BRAVE HEARTS. When you see their lives closely, they would have suffered the most choosing to live a life with their spouses who turned out to be that FULL PERSON…

Finally, how does this Full Person operate? How do you cope with someone who is so much of everything? Do you love them or hate them? How do you stop thinking of them when they are in your system completely?

Maybe I could answer some of these questions today, because I know who I am. I know what I do to others and I also know what is that makes me tick. At this stage in my life, I have found someone who I do not want to loose, the last 5 hours, I have tried to not be a FULL PERSON.

I have sincerely wanted to be just a little weak, just a little less doubtful, just ask little less, just hurt a little less and I really did try and maybe I did to some extent. I was also able to mellow down, to be limited, to be normal but I also know, this will not last for long. So, I am scared of being a FULL PERSON and here I am answering some of the questions.

We operate – with the facts, that is seen, the face value. We don’t think of the past or the future. We react, we speak, we say and we do things based on the present moment and nothing more. Keep your focus on the present scenario on hand you have us in your control

You cope – by just remembering what we give you and how much when we are not in those episodes. Remember the goodness that we bring when we are passing through those moments. We are not just the BAD MOMENTS, we are a FULL PERSON, so the greatness is also what defines us.

You do what you want to do – Love or Hate – We the FULL PEOPLE, get you more than you can imagine. If you love us and act as if you hate us, we get it and the other way around as well. So just do what you want and see the magic unfold.

We think of you all the time – the reason you cannot stop thinking about us is because we have never stopped or given up on you, so don’t waste your energy trying to forget us, you cannot, we get into your blood. We are addictive and you just need to learn to live with us and make the best of being with a FULL PERSON.

Love you ZINDAGI. (that is the song I am listening to as a post this blog without re-reading it for errors as it want it go live as it is) LOVE YOU ALL.

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