Poor people take poor decisions

Not being poor is not a choice but your birth right. It took a lot out of my life for me to realise this but oh man, am I glad I do see this now.

Let us first figure out what is being poor? I have been poor, in fact, I have been poor all my life until now. Poor is not, not having monies. Poor is not having monies to take care of your very basic needs of life. Needs such as Food, Shelter & Health. That is it. When you have got your expenses for these three things figured out, month on month basis, you are no more poor.

So, when I state that I was poor all my life, I mean it in its true sense. I had not figured out the income for my 3 basic needs. It was dependent on multiple things around me. It started with my parent’s financial condition, then my husband’s income, then when I started my own firm, it depended on my startup’s success and there you go, there was never a point in my life that I was not poor. I would have lakhs of monies move across my accounts, I had monies but that was not taking care of my needs and with my needs not taken care, I was poor and so being poor is well understood by me and I can also tell you with complete confidence that I have taken poor decisions all these years due to my state of poverty.

Have you ever thought, why we work hard to get things that we do not actually need? Like, continue doing a job we so hate, like start a business and not take the basic salary for ourselves. By doing this, we end up taking all bad decisions in life that will further take us deeper in shit and this never stops. You will be the lucky few like me if you have already stopped or would now stop this vicious circle of remaining in poverty.

So, why do I think that poor people take poor decisions. We do… We get into debts, we then borrow more to cover our existing debts, we get into drinking, eating unhealthy stuff, not exercising, not working hard but getting worked up. We do not speak our mind out. This further pushes us towards taking decisions that are sure damaging for us and for the people we are dealing with. We have all done this at some point of time.

When my previous startup failed, it brought me down on my face completely, I was left with nothing on me, not a penny, not a piece of me wanted to be alive, leave alone move on. I am sure many many of you out here would have also experienced the same with the pandemic. Many of you have lost your jobs, your business, your loved ones, your homes, your everything and you were left with nothing left in you. I feel you in ways you cannot imagine and I do because I am one of you too.

So, here I am writing this and that is the proof that I did not give up, I did not die and the fact that you are reading this is a proof that you did not too. As I picked my broken pieces and moved ahead, I wanted to get this right this time and that was when I asked myself the million dollar question.

What is it that I ACTUALLY NEED?

That is when I started putting in place a source of income for my health, shelter (home) & food. Once this was taken care, I did not feel I was poor. The moment I was not poor, my decisions were no more poor too. I started looking at every challenge that came at me with clarity and my sane mind space. Once that started to happen, every thing solved itself, worked itself out and I was riding the waves of life with a clear line of sight. I now know that the decisions I take are coming from reasoning that does not have me desperate or emotional.

So, let us all chose to be not poor. Put your basics in place and your basics are just the three things that I mentioned and then let us start living our lives the way we are meant to live. Finally, like all my blogs, I end with some give-aways, here below is what you will do as soon as you are no more poor.

  • You will speak your mind out clearly
  • You will be healthy, happy & rooted within you
  • You will know when to draw the line with things and people
  • You will live in the moment
  • You will love yourself

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