“We cannot become what we want, by remaining what we are”

I really do not know why today, there was a message that I received in my heart, which said, you can now write your story the way you want it to be and I knew I was all ready for it. So, all that you know about me, all that you thought I was, maybe I was all that but starting today, this is who I am. Here below is my life’s story, a story that makes me who I am today and will go to become tomorrow.

But before I cross over, I have to just pass on few very important things that I realise, as I reach this point of my life.

  • Parenthood is so much more than just giving birth to a child or giving them the right education & support system. As parents, emotional intelligence, your ability to take control of your feelings is what, your child will pick from you for the rest of their lives.
  • Humans are deaf and dumb by choice. You cannot make them listen or speak anything, even if it is right for them. They will chose to do what they believe and think is right.
  • There is nothing called women empowerment or equality. The women are as unsafe as they were years before. We are still seen as a piece of flesh that can be owned by anyone around.
  • Relationships do not exist in this world. There is nothing called a family. There are people in your life, who give you the feeling of security, belonging and love. These people become our support systems & that we name it as family.
  • There is a clear line between professional and personal life and we must draw that from the get go. Being passionate about your work does not mean, you let go of your personal needs. By doing that, you have chosen to give up on yourself.

My Story – Personal

Born and brought up in Bangalore, I have been a “girl from the small town” by heart and mind. I have been the one who loves mixing with strangers as if they were friends. This comes from the morning walks I would take in Cubbon Park with my father and we both would smile & greet, speak too, with strangers walking by.

This comes from the time my father would pick me from my convent school, drive up to the local “Lobo’s Cutlets” store, pack 6 of them (3 for him, 3 for me) and drive to the near by park, (Jayamahal Park) and have those cutlets, while he would tell me how his day was and I would do the same and then head back home, this we did for all my high school days (7th std to 10th std). So being in a routine was my thing.

I love doing the same thing over and over again and feeling safe and secure with the routine. So, marriage did not change me much, it just made me stronger person by becoming a mother of 3 at a very young age of 27. Things unfolded itself in a manner that somewhere in the journey I started believing I was unpredictable, I hated routines, I was not a nester and I was a giver. I am non of it. I love routines, I am complete 100% a nesting person. I love being predictable, I love receiving as much as I love giving. So, in simple, if you are just a taker, there is no place in my life for you. But, if you give as much as you want to receive, my heart opens as wide as my arms and I welcome you to this world of mine which is filled with love, warmth, care, comfort, happiness & equality. I cannot change this world, I have control over my world and in my world, what matters is your intention, you being a male or female, does not make any difference. You both will have the same pedestal.

My Story – Professional

Business runs in my DNA, but it is now that I have found the true meaning of good business. Just bringing in revenues or closing sales deals is not business. It is a small part of the whole deal. So, today, as a founder to my own business & a primary mentor to 100+ founders, I am the driving force towards bringing the results, when it comes to compliance, execution, business development, customer satisfaction & go to market strategies. My company, Startup Squares, is one of the very few platforms that supports its founders with all the above, execution support and keeps motivating them to move ahead.

Before Startup Squares, I was the key person to build the widest startup community in India, my initial entity was into events and community driven activities. When it failed, despite being invested upon, taught me zillion lessons on what not to do when you have investors approach you to put money on you. It is these lessons that I pass to my founders, with whom I work closely.

Before the community driven initiative, I have been the managing director of an R&D firm in automobile innovation company. Have worked with the patent office directly for some of the innovations and have a strong relationship even till date with engineering universities which we use to work with for our projects.

In simple, I come with a vast sector agnostic experience of supporting businesses to overcome their challenges and grow fast. You can call me an “Execution / Sales Expert.

Closing Note

It really does not matter, what it took to reach here. What is important is, I am here and there is so much more to come for me and for my circle of people & I am blessed to have had this journey and I am looking forward for all that is to come.

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