40 to 200 in 6 months

“We live in a world where there is more and more of information, and less and less meaning to it” ~ Jean Baudrillard

Exactly 6 months back, on this day, at 8:00 am I dragged myself out of bed, in my flat that I live by myself & stood in front of my mirror. I just stood looking at myself. The next 30 seconds, I dropped my night gown and I continued to stare down at myself in my birth suit, in its true self, no filters, no special applications that can shape my curves and definitely no one around who would give those socially correct statements such as “beauty is skin deep”, “there is nothing in the looks”, “you have a beautiful heart”… there were no voices, no comments, no likes and no heart emojis floating around.

The only voice I heard was of myself in my head, the only image I could see was my fat, flabby body, my tired eyes, hurting knees, high cholesterol & borderline sugar levels in my blood.

So, there was no role model, no masterclass, no coach, no trainer or a training application, no family, no friend, no neighbour neither did any knowledge matter, no social media was any more important, at that point, the only one thing I could hear myself say was;

“I will not die a fat old lady”

I got into my workouts wear, put on my walking shoes, plugged myself with my favourite music and stepped out of my flat and head towards the society gym. No plan, nothing in mind except for that fact that I will not return back to my home for the next 40 mins.

The first 3 months (Dec 2020, Jan 2021 & Feb 2021) I went raw on me. Just like one of the superheroes states in one of the marvel movies ~ “the plan is that there is no plan”

I was my only hope, guide, critic, inspiration and kick on the ass person for myself. I ensured I took zero advice from anyone or any source. I worked out for 40 mins, ate only 25% of what I would usually eat, cut out sweets, junk food & rice from my meals & did not have anything, not even a fruit after 6:30 pm. That is all I did for the first 3 months.

I was 8.3 kgs down after the first 3 months, by now, I was flooded with compliments by family, friends & netizens across platforms (thanks to my selfie addict posts) but the key was for me to keep my head on my shoulder and not get carried away with all this. 15 days after me starting out, my partner / friend decided to also start working out, Vivek is high-information consumer guy, so he worked out with a nike application, he ensured he measured his steps, he knew his shit. I was going with nothing but just my gut instincts, with just one intention that I had promised myself that I would not die a fat old lady.

But I was at a point where I have been in the past and it was not very difficult for me to let go, to give up and start heading back to my old unhealthy lifestyle. So, I knew that I had to do something that make me continue on this path and also make my body get that additional push to burn more fat and consume the stored calories in the right way. Now my last 3 months plan can hit back at me like it had done so many times in the past. So, I did the pivot.

Starting March 6th 2021 to June 6th 2021 (today) I added some basic tools to my day to day life. Things that were taught to me by my father, by my grandmother and my school teacher. I took no information from this present “information overload” virtual world that we live in. Sorry, this new world of paid media, irresponsible netizens who just seem to either vent out anger or vengeance, market their services / applications by stating all glorious pitches. I was not going to bite into any of it.

My father would always say, “keep it simple” – So, I kept it all simple… I started my intermittent fasting, but to give me reminders, I took the first application that I came across with basic information on intermittent fasting “BodyFast” and started fasting for 16 hours fasting / day. Today I do a 22-2 OMD plan, that is 22 hours fasting / day with just “one meal a day” plan. It is for the advanced people, who have got their bodies used to fasting.

My good old lady, my granny would also say, “walk to school lady, do not be a lazy girl” I started walking 15 kms, daily (25k steps & 3 hours). Along with these walks, I just stretch my muscles, my face / neck muscles, my sides, legs & arms. A 20 mins stretching regime

Finally, my 6th Std teacher who had a sweet innocent crush on my father, loved me and would always tell me – “Salma, you need to look up to the rising sun every morning and let the pure morning energy run through your mind, heart & soul” It took me literally 4 decades to really follow what she would say to me every time I would fuss about not getting any subject right. So, I started 10 mins of opening myself to the morning Sun. Yes, I face the sunrise from my society lawns, open my arms with palms facing the sunrise, close my eyes and just take it all in. Breathe in through my nose & breathe out through my mouth. Take in everything pure, bright, warm and healthy and give out all that is difficult, sad, ugly, worrying or unhealthy out of me.

Today I am 14.5 kgs lower then what I started 6 months back. I do 200 minutes of my morning routine, I have one meal a day, I drink 3 litres of water, I am happy, peaceful and lighter on my feet.

Today by the day end, I will have my next milestone. I plan to put two plans in place.

  1. For my 51st birthday I plan to reach 75 kgs, that is shedding 5.5 kgs in 45 days (totally doable)
  2. The next 3 months plan to be 68 kgs… Wowwww… looks like a dream come true after all…

So, all I have to tell you is… Do not follow my way, do not try something that you do not believe in it yourself.


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